October 9, 2014

2024-04-22 | 17:50:34

"This place smells and tastes like heaven. Adorable little ice cream shop run by the happiest people that are just ready to fill your tummy with delight! They are generous with their samples so you can be sure you'll be happy with whatever flavor you choose. The ice cream itself is creamy goodness and tasty toppings! You really can't go wrong!"
October 14, 2013

2024-04-22 | 17:50:35

"(Translated by Google) eummmm ... yum, yum yum!__(Original)_eummmm... miam, miam miam!"
August 5, 2013

2024-04-22 | 17:50:36

"This Swensen is the original Swensen. Best ice cream in this small ice cream shop. This place is just a few blocks away from Lombard street which is awesome because you can eat ice cream with a nice view. Tasty ice cream made fresh from the shop. You can see the managers make it on certain days through the window. Credit and Debit not accepted which is a bummer."
July 19, 2013

2024-04-22 | 17:50:37

"Swensen's is definitely my all-time favorite ice cream place in the city! I have been coming here ever since I was little. My favorite are the black raspberry marble and the marble fudge. The guys who work there are really friendly. The ice cream has a nice thick consistency, and there are tons of flavors to choose from."
July 14, 2013

2024-04-22 | 17:50:39

"Great ice cream"