December 4, 2020

"Try the sticky chewy chocolate! Amazing ice cream! Local favorite."
November 4, 2020

"A very nice corner ice cream place serving some good flavors."
February 4, 2020

"First time going inside this place, i’ve lived in SF all my life & i’ve never had the chance of going to this place til today, thought this place was bigger than it looks, it’s a really small ice cream shop, they even have an old school water fountain inside! haven’t seen one of does since elementary school! anyway i asked the girl behind the counter what were their best flavored ice creams she gave me samples of the top three but i got the orange chocolate, you can literally taste the orange in this ice cream! when i was inside this place i felt like i was a kid again, it has that nostalgic feeling, too bad there aren’t more ice cream shops like these in SF, i really miss does days but at least i have Swensen’s hope they never close, this place brings me back to my childhood!"
February 4, 2020

"Nice ice cream place with interesting history, if you are a fan of Swensen’s, do not miss this place. The ice cream taste like original! Famous Lombard street is close by, you can walk there after ice cream."
February 4, 2020

"My absolute favorite ice cream of all time! Swensens is a MUST! Their seasonal flavors are not to be missed. No one beats their pumpkin! Their cones are freshly made as is their ice cream! Cash only, so keep that in mind. Take the cable car over and hop off, or climb that hill if you're not already on top. It's such a special treat!"