April 24, 2016

2024-04-22 | 17:50:13

"Great ice cream. All of their chocolate flavors taste great. Unfortunately, they're cash only."
April 5, 2016

2024-04-22 | 17:50:14

"The cutest ice cream store in the world!"
April 4, 2016

2024-04-22 | 17:50:15

"Walking past and couldn't help but go into Swensen's. It was a magical moment as the sun was setting, enjoying cookies and cream. Perfect."
April 1, 2016

2024-04-22 | 17:50:16

"Probably the best milkshake I've ever had."
March 5, 2016

2024-04-22 | 17:50:17

"I honestly couldn't tell you the difference between a scoop of swensen's or breyer's, but the shop itself, as the name suggests, is unmistakable.__If you've travelled to Asia and seen the proliferation of the brand there, this location (the original) will be particularly noteworthy for you. It's like listening to an old soul record on vinyl, but in ice cream form."