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Ice Cream Shop in San Francisco, CA

Established in 1948, Swensen’s is your local ice cream shop in San Francisco, CA. We are the original location of the Swensen’s franchise: home to fresh-made, old-fashioned ice cream using classic recipes, made in-house using the best possible ingredients.

All of our ice cream is made by hand on-site, using the freshest ingredients.

If you’ve never experienced the taste of old-fashioned ice cream, we invite you to delight your tastebuds here at Swensen’s. We’re still using the same classic recipes to hand-make our ice cream in-house. You’ll find classic ice cream flavors, delicious concoctions, and a variety of frozen treats at our ice cream parlor! Our housemade ice cream flavors are known throughout the area for being rich, flavorful and absolutely mouth-watering. Choose from classics like chocolate, vanilla and fruits like strawberry and raspberry, or complex flavors like Swiss orange chip, cookie dough and sticky chewy chocolate. We’ve also got seasonal rotating flavors, just as delicious as our classic staples! If you’re looking for take-out ice cream in San Francisco, CA, you can’t go wrong with our recipes, which have been perfected over the course of decades!

There’s more to our ice cream shop than our huge variety of delicious flavors. From hand-drizzled caramel sauce to house-made waffle cones, you’ll appreciate the delicious details that go into making each of our ice cream parlor’s treats. We promise you’ll be back again to try every other menu item that piques your curiosity! Come see why we’ve been a San Francisco, CA destination ice cream parlor for old-fashioned ice cream for more than 70 years!

  • All of our housemade ice cream is made by hand on-site, using the freshest ingredients.
  • We offer custom orders by request. All ice cream is packaged and sold by weight.
  • In addition to our delicious house-made ice cream, we also make our own waffle cones.
  • Experience our full range of flavors, from chocolate and vanilla to mint and coffee!

What’s Your Favorite Flavor?

Whether it’s chocolate or cherry, mint or plain ‘ol vanilla, you’ll absolutely love the taste of old-fashioned ice cream from Swensen’s! Contact us or stop into our ice cream shop today and order a cone or cup to go.

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Providing housemade ice cream, sundaes, and milkshakes to residents of San Fransisco and travelers from all over the world!