April 2, 2023

2023-04-03 | 16:47:09

"Delicious ice cream, excellent service! Unfortunately no place to sit down, but there is a small park with benches two blocks south"
April 2, 2023

2023-04-03 | 16:47:02

"We absolutely LOVED this find. Almost all flavors are gluten-free, and staff was knowledgeable and very friendly. We actually waited over an hour and a half for the trolly just to enjoy ice cream here!! It was a much better flavor and price than Ghirardelli square, a totally different experience. We walked back down the hill as we enjoyed our treat. This was a great end to an amazing birthday week."
March 31, 2023

2023-04-03 | 16:46:53

"Classic delicious ice cream!"
March 16, 2023

2023-04-03 | 16:46:43

"Real old time feel and great ice cream"
February 27, 2023

Retired Executive Chef

"Love your ice cream! We used to have 3 stores in San Diego all gone. I am very happy your 3 locations are still scooping! Hugs"