December 13, 2017

2024-04-09 | 20:50:28

"I am a long-time customer at Swensen's, and their ice cream is always so good. The quality is always high and consistent. I try to branch out from sticky chewy chocolate to try other flavors, but so far one scoop has to be sticky chewy. It seems that the staff that has been there a while are always friendly. It's kind of hit or miss with the others. It's mostly a teenager job (I remember I wanted to work there when I was a teenager!) and sometimes teens aren't outgoing and friendly. That said, everyone is helpful and polite, serving up the best ice cream in the city, for sure, in the world, probably."
October 28, 2017

2024-04-09 | 20:50:29

"Delicious ice cream and wide variety of flavors!"
October 15, 2017

2024-04-09 | 20:50:30

"(Translated by Google) Damn delicious ice cream here !!!__(Original)_Verdammt leckeres Eis gibt es hier!!!"
October 7, 2017

2024-04-09 | 20:50:30

"Sooooo good, and nostalgic!! Brings back childhood memories of the swensen's in Napa"
October 6, 2017

2024-04-09 | 20:50:31

"Orange Sorbet is the best in the world"