August 27, 2022

2024-03-14 | 22:51:19

"Personally, my favorite ice cream in SF. No frills or wacky toppings, just great and straight to the point ice cream. The sticky chewy chocolate is my all time favorite flavor and only Swensen’s offers it. They don’t take AMEX so bring your Visa/MC/cash."
August 24, 2022

2024-03-14 | 22:51:20

"Love this place!!! Excited for my next visit. You will not be disappointed."
August 16, 2022

2024-03-14 | 22:51:21

"really good ice cream, "
August 16, 2022

2024-03-14 | 22:51:22

"As a little girl in Kansas, I used to get vouchers for a free scoop at Swensen's from a school rewards program. I'd always get the strawberry sorbet and share it with my parents. When Swensen's closed, it felt like the end of an era. Years later, after college, I found a Swensen's in Bangkok, ordered a strawberry sorbet, and was taken right back to childhood. When I found the SF Swensen's, with its perfectly unchanged strawberry sorbet, it felt like magic. Please help me keep this shop open by eating as much ice cream as possible!"
August 15, 2022

2024-03-14 | 22:51:23

"Great ice cream at good prices. They have a large variety of flavors, all of which are delicious."